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December 2014

 12/18/2014 Thurs.

 Chris Smither

$30.00 8pm Tickets

 12/19/2014 Fri.

 The Nighthawks

$20.00 9pm Tickets

 12/20/2014 Sat.

 Finn and the Sharks

$25.00 8pm Tickets

 12/21/2014 Sun

"If you only know him as the guy who wrote "Wild Thing" and "Angel of the Morning" - you don't know him! Chip Taylor is making some of the most distinctive music around today. " NYTimes

 Chip Taylor (with John Platania ) Holiday Concert

$20.00 4pm Tickets

  Dec. 22nd 2014 Monday

 Monday Jazz Open Jam Session

Doc Richmonds Jazz Jam, it's good for your soul!

Presented by Saxophonist John Richmond

Jazz instrumentalists, vocalists welcome to sit in. Jam starts promptly - so sign in (8pm) and be ready - $5 for musicians and jazz fans ( hopefully thats you!)

This is a jam run in customary fashion (This is not an open mike or showcase!)

 12/26/2014 Fri.

 Cosmic American Derelicks

$15.00 9pm Tickets

 12/27/2014 Sat.

Rocking the House for sure!!!


and the Whole Wheat Horns!

7:00pm $35.00 Tickets

9:30 pm $35.00 Tickets

 12/28/2014 Sunday

 Home for the Holidays

Tom Chapin (Band) with

Jon Cobert & Michael Mark

$7:00 $35.00 Tickets Sunday

 12/29/2014 Monday

  Home for the Holidays

Tom Chapin (Band) with

Jon Cobert & Michael Mark

$7:30 $35.00 Tickets Mon.

 12/31/2014 Wed.

 (the 16th) New Years Eve with

Popa Chubby

$25.00 7:30 Tickets

$49.00 10:30 Tickets

And Coming in the New Year 2015 here are the dates so far,

 01/02/2015 Fri.

 Rhett Tyler and Early Warning

$20.00 9:00 Tickets

 01/03/2015 Sat.

 The Robert Ross Band

$20.00 9:00 Tickets

 01/04/2015 Sun

 Izzy Howard

$10.00 4pm Tickets


 01/08/2015 Thurs

Co_Bill with 

Guy Davis Shung Ng

$20.00 7:30pm Tickets

 01/09/2015 Fri

 Marc Black Trio

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

 1/10/2015 Fri.

New date has arrived Jan 30th

Albert Cummings Band

 1/11/2015 Sun

 James Maddock

$25.00 4pm Tickets

 01/16/2015 Fri






Jon Pousette-Dart

$20. 8:30 Ticket

 01/17/2015 Sat.


From New Riders, Joe and Joe, Stir Fried 

The Johnny Markowski Band

$15.00 9:00 Tickets

 1/22/2015 Thurs.

 Matteo Palmer

$15.00 8pm Tickets

Tickets go on Sale Nov 15st, 2014
 1/24/2015 Sat

 Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan come celebrate Joes Birthday

$26.00 7:30 Tickets

$26.00 9:30 Tickets

 1/30/2015 Fri.


Albert Cummings Band

$25.00 8:30 Tickets

 1/31/2015 Sat.

 Bruce Katz Band

$25.00 9pm Tickets

 2/1/2015 Sun



 2/5/2015 Thurs.

 Jacqui Naylor Band

$20.00 8pm Tickets

 2/6/2015 Fri.

 The Kennedys

$25.00 8pm Tickets

 2/7/2015 Sat.

 Peter Karp Sue Foley Band

$25.00 9pm Tickets

 2/8/2015 Sun

Rod MacDonald

$17.50 3pm Tickets

 02/13/2015 Fri

 The The Band Band

$30.00 8:00 Tickets

 2/14/2015 Sat. Valentines Day

Valentines Day

 Robert Gordon (Band)

$30.00 8:pm Tickets

 2/18/2015 Wed.

 Eilen Jewell

$30.00 7:30 Tickets

 2/28/2015 Sat.

 Alexis P. Suter Band

$20.00 9:00pm Tickets

 3/1/2015 Sun

Garnet Rogers

$20.00 4:00pm Tickets

 3/7/2015 Sat  7th ANuual Townes Van Zandt Birthday Celebration with The Cosmic American Derelicts and lots more!

  03/14/2015 Sat.

 Riley Etheridge Band

$20.00 9pm Tickets

 3/19/2015 Thurs

Jonathan Edwards

$30.00 7:30 Tickets

 3/21/2015 Sat.

Hold the date!

Johnny A (Band)

Details to be posted

 3/29/2015 Sun.

 Back to the Garden 1969

$25.00 4pm Tickets

 04/15/2015 Wed.

 Tax Day with Two Gents from the Saw Doctors and the Waterboys

Leo Moran and Anthony Thistlethwaite

$25.00 7:30pm Tickets

 04/19/2015 Sun

Singer Songwriter and a very funny person!

 Cheryl Wheeler

$30.00 4pm Tickets

 05/17/2015 Sun

 David Lindley

$35.00 4pm Tickets







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