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January 2018

01/18/2018 Thurs.

 Magic After Dark (Vol5) Underground Magicians who will blow your mind!

George Schindler,Peter Samelson and Meir Yedid

$25.00 8pm Tickets


01/20/2018 Sat.


Adam Falcon Trio

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

 01/21/2018 Sun.

Americana Rhythm and Blues from Brooklyn

 Roosevelt Dime

Also appearing From Red Molly

Molly Venture and Goodnight Moonshine

$20.00 4pm Tickets

01/22/2018 Monday

 Monday Jazz Open Jam Session

Doc Richmonds Jazz Jam, it's good for your soul!

Presented by Saxophonist John Richmond

Jazz instrumentalists, vocalists welcome to sit in. Jam starts promptly - so sign in (8pm) and be ready - $5 for musicians and jazz fans ( hopefully thats you!)

This is a jam run in customary fashion (This is not an open mike or showcase!)


 01/27/2018 Sat.

 Joe D'Urso and Stone Caravan

CD Release "Jersey Diner"

$25.00 7:30 Early Show Tickets

$25.00 9:30 Late Show Tickets

 02/02/2018 Friday

  Celebrating, remembering and loving the music of Jerry Garcia & The Grateful Dead


$15.00 8:30 Tickets

02/04/2018 Sunday Super Bowl Closed

 02/09/2018 Fri


w/ Michael Doucet

$35.00 8:30 Tickets

 02/10/2018 Saturday

 First Time in From the Jersey Shore

The Doughboys

$17.50 8:30 Tickets

 02/11/2018 Sunday

 Singer Song Writer

Rod MacDonald

$25.00 4pm Tickets

 02/14/2018 Wed. Valentine's Day

 Our Annual Valentine's Day Show with Rockabilly Great

Robert Gordon and his Band

$30.00 8pm Tickets

 02/15/2018 Thurs.

 Magic After Dark (Vol6) Underground Magicians who will blow your mind!
Scheduled to appear---> Ben Robinson,David Garrity and Meir Yedid ( one more will magically be added TBA)

$25.00 8pm Tickets

  02/17/2018 Sat.

 Chris Bergson Band

$20.00 9:00 Tickets

02/18/2018 Sun


Singer Songwriter and a Supporter of the Arts

Christine Lavin

$25.00 4pm Tickets

02/23/2018 Fri.

 Pete and Maura are

The Kennedys

$25.00 8:00 Tickets

02/24/2018 Sat.

A Tribute to the music of  Carole King and Karen Carpenter

Deb De Lucca "as Carole King" and Annie Masciandaro as "Karen Carpenter"

$25.00 8:30 Tickets

 03/02/2018 Fri.

 Olson-Wolfe “Live Unplugged”

Features acclaimed songwriter/producer/guitarist Carla Olson (Textones, Gene Clark, Mick Taylor) and iconic guitarist/songwriter Todd Wolfe (Sheryl Crow, Leslie West).
To find out more, go to and

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 03/03/2018 Sat.

 Downtown Saturn

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

 03/04/2018 Sunday

Singer Songwriter Sports Fan

 Dan Bern

$25.00 4pm Tickets

 03/09/2018 Fri.

 Garland Jeffreys

$35.00 8:30 Tickets

 03/10/2018 Sat.


11th Annual Towns Van Zandt Birthday Tribute Bash w/

The Cosmic American Derelicts and Friends

$20.00 8pm Tickets


  03/11/2018 Sunday

  2nd Time in! Comin' in From Boston!

Adam Ezra Group

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 03/16/2018 Fri.

First Time in but not the last! 

Kerri Powers Duo

$17.50 8:30 Tickets

 03/17/2018 Sat.

 Just off Tour with the New Riders

Ronnie Penque and His Band

$15.00 8:30 Tickets


 03/18/2018 Sun.

 Bluesman, Picker, Delta artist

Toby Walker

$20.00 4pm Tickets

 03/20/2018 tues.



$25.00 7:30 Tickets


03/24/2018 Sat.

The The Band Band

$35.00 8:00 Tickets Saturday

03/25/2018 Sunday

The The Band Band

$35.00 4:00 Tickets Sunday


 03/30/2018 Fri.

 John Markowsky Presents

Jeb Jones

Featuring JoAnne Lediger and more

$15.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/13/2018 Fri

 Sarah Borges Band

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/20/2018 Fri.

 Darden Smith

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/22/2018 Sun


Candian Singer Songwriter 

Garnet Rogers

$20.00 4:00pm Tickets

 04/27/2018 Friday

 English Rocker

Graham Parker

$35.00 8:30 Tickets

 04/28/2018 Sat.

Peter Karp's Roadshow

$20.00 8:30 Tickets

 05/25/2018 Fri.

Master of the Guitar

 Roy Book Binder

$20.00 8pm Tickets




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